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Yahoo can potentially beat Google’s homepage!

Google is useful but you aren’t always looking for useful, are you! Sometimes you want to entertain yourself, amuse yourself, there are times when you need a break but not sure what you want to read, there comes Yahoo!

Mind you I’m a big BIG fan of Google but its just recently I realized one field where Yahoo can get an edge over Google. Its not their mail, or the search engine, its their Home Page. Yes! I was always the advocate of Google’s home page, how it only has one text box for search and no distraction at all. It only does what it does best. But with the recent developments like Omnibox (search using browsers address bar), browser extensions for Google search (like the one in Firefox, IE), you no more need to go

P.S. If you still heading to Google’s homepage for your searches, you need to catch up! Download Google Chrome.

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