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Introduction to Visual studio 2012 (Feature Highlights)

I recently talked about the new features and improvements in Visual Studio 2012, at my workplace. I’ll probably write a post on the same soon, but meanwhile here’s a quick PowerPoint slides I created for my talk.   
Some quick take away(s)!
  • New look
  • Preview files in Solution Explorer 
    -single click to preview, double click to pin
  • Extended Solution Navigation
    -view all your classes, methods, properties in the solution explorer itself
  • Easier to raft tabs on second monitor
    -the tab stays open if you minimize visual studio!
  • Improved search 
    -search solution for classes, methods etc., IDE search for settings, menu item etc.
  • JavaScript as first class citizen 
    -improved intellisense including jQuery Brace matching, Breakpoints, Go To Definition
  • HTML5 support 
    -use html tags like <header> <section> without squiggly. Older browsers use Polyfills via Modernizr
  • Improved CSS3 support 
    -CSS3 intellisense i.e. border-radius, animation etc. Color picker (Ctrl+Space)
  • Page Inspector
    -(like Firebug) Highlights .cshtml, or aspx pages as well on hover
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