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Rolled out a new HTML5 header across my websites!

I’m in middle of rolling out a fresh & clean header across all my websites (i.e. personal website, design blog, plugin pages). Here’s how it looks:

Personal Website:

UI & Design Blog and Plugin Pages:

All that this new header displays is a profile pic, a title, and a short description. The idea was to be clean, minimal, and HTML5-ish! The profile image uses CSS3 border-radius to make it round, CSS3 animations and transitions (on, and the title uses CSS3 font-face ‘PT Sans Narrow’.

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Indian e-commerce website designs inspired by

In year 2011 India saw a huge uprising in e-commerce with a 30% growth rate, and reaching $10 billion market size. India is undoubtedly on its way to become one of the biggest e-commerce market but its still sad to see no design innovation in the industry. Most of the famous Indian online retailers still follow the same design trend set by years ago. 

Take a look at some leading Indian websites and notice the striking similarity with the

  • the vertical expanding menu on side, 
  • search with category drop down, 
  • website layout.
Alexa rank India: 27
Alexa Rank India: 317
Alexa rank India: 202
Alexa rank India: 159

Alexa rank India: 169
Alexa rank India: 15040
Alexa rank India: 43156
Alexa rank India: 13413

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